October 21, 2020
October 22, 2020
Ruta 9, km 283 Norte, Comuna de Torres del Payne - Patagonia, Chile

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Horse Riding

From the Hotel we can make several circuits in the ranch. The passenger can enjoy a unique landscape and practice this captivating equestrian activity with the company of a “baqueano” (guide on a horse). This is offered to guests and passengers who pass along the area and who do not necessarily stay at our hotel. The maximum capacity of horses is up to 12 passengers.  

Lake Figueroa (duration of 6 hours)

  A trail of 4 and a half kilometers takes us by horse- riding to this beautiful lake that is on the way to Cerro Castillo, here you can appreciate the beauty of its surroundings, recognize the flora and the birds of the place.  

Chorrillo Picana (duration of 9 hours)

  This an excursion to enjoy the immensity of the fields, there is sufficient space to gallop, to walk, to see the flora and fauna of the place, to admire the immensity of the sky and to feel the pure air of Patagonia.  

Mirador de los Cóndores (duration: whole day)

  A great option is to walk the large territory of our ranch with the possibility of ascending the “Tres Pasos Sierra” where there is a privileged view of the surroundings, the imposing so called Massif Paine at the horizon and the Figueroa Lake. A path that will give you a moment to rest, to enjoy a delicious box lunch and you will also be able to rest in the pampa as it used to be in the old times with those who traveled along with their cattle.    


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