October 21, 2020
October 22, 2020
Ruta 9, km 283 Norte, Comuna de Torres del Payne - Patagonia, Chile

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Poetess Gabriela Mistral

The tenacity of those old times given without rest, and without giving up was astounding. Rogelio Figueroa, who was a man of big dreams and vision of future ahead for those times, he puts an initial point to this great project that entails in the near future to the foundation of the provincial capital and this compulsory point of encounter for those who moved in their agricultural work. Soon, one of the most iconic writer in history, Gabriela Mistral, finds the necessary inspiration in this cold and windy valley with deep skies that give Gabriela Mistral this emotional trance necessary to write her book called “Desolation”, which led her to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945. It is incredible to go through the spaces and breathe the same air, let oneself be embraced by those unique sensations that once were reflected into the greatest work of an unforgettable Chilean woman of infinite aptitudes; pedagogue, feminist, diplomat and above all, poet. We deeply wish that everyone who visits this place can evoke this feeling of connection to the most sublime one. The infinite space of the mountains and the fields, the sky and the wind, and the sun and the moon…


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